Sharon Ya'ari | שרון יערי

2016 Positive Images for Field and Forest, National Gallery of Art, Vilnius, Lithuania
2014 Leap Toward Yourselt, Co-published by Steidl with the Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2006 500 m Radios, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
2002 Sharon Ya'ari, Lisson Gallery London, Sommer contemporary art
1999 Sharon Ya'ari, exhibition catalogue, Herzliya Museum of Art, Tel Aviv
Select Books and Catalogues
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n+1, number twelve fall 2011, p.128
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What is the political bat-yam museum of contemporary art p.53
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The tel-aviv-yafo biennial ,"art tlv 09" exihibtion catalogue p.14
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2008 Can Art Do More? exhibition catalogue, Art Focus 5, 2008, Jerusalem, pp 55-56
2008 Click–clack homage to the slide projector, the art gallery, university of Haifa p. 64
Depletion, Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Eventually We’ll Die – Young Art in Israel of the Nineties, Herzliya Museum Of Contemporary Art
Real Time: Art in Israel 1998-2008, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2007 personal Landscapes: Contemporary Art from Israel, The American University Museum Washington
Dateline Israel: New Photography and Video Art, The Jewish Museum, New York
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Smoke in your eyes Studio Magazin Issue 170 p.24-25
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Beyond delirious Ella Fontanalls de Cisneros Collection, exhibition catalogue, Miami, FL
2005 Such Stuff As Dream Are Made On, Chelsea Art Museum, NY
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2004 Framed landscape: A comment on local landscape photography university of Haifa faculty of humanities, the art gallery p 33, 18
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"Fabula" National Museum of Photography, Film & Television, Bradford, England
2002 Lying with the skin the Israel forum of art museums the Memorial Center Kiryat tivon art gallery p. 36-38
Multitude artist space new York
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שרון יערי